Under Construction

Westlands Primary School’s re-build project is underway. Over the last few months we have seen the foundations placed and walls gradually erected.

When completed, the new building will hold up to 630 pupils, with the expansion of the school site catering for all of their educational needs. The schools will see more classrooms, and elevators installed at various points. The front entrance of the school is also being redesigned to have a modern feel, with electronic doors and a fresh new design to accommodate the rejuvenation of the school in its entirety.

Louise Hopkins, Headteacher, “I feel that the expansion of schools denotes the remarkable accomplishment of Westlands Primary School in such a short space of time”“The new building design will provide access to all, something that we are immensely proud of.”

“Accommodating all our pupils goes beyond the classroom, as the expansion of the school will introduce subject-dedicated rooms, with a focus on delivering well-resources lessons in Science, Design and Technology, and Food Technology."

Visitors to the school will know upon entry Westlands Primary is a modern and constantly improving school.

The construction work has had minimal effect on the school owing to the efficient strategies put in place to ease any disruption. Two classes have been temporarily moved into mobile accomodation. The pupils are entirely unfazed by this alteration and see this change to their school as positive.  

Constant communication with the school community has ensured parents and carers know the appropriate route to the various pickup locations. Parents and carers are appreciative of the regular updates on building progress.

“As Headteacher, I am looking forward to the completion of the project, the aspect I have been most eager for has been the beginning of construction itself. The reason for this is that I feel this construction reflects the progression of the school.”

Mrs Hopkins goes on to say, “A few years ago the school was not where it wanted to be and now, particularly since the GOOD grading from Ofsted last year and involvement of Swale Academies Trust, the school has improved in leaps and bounds to the point at which we are now creating more classrooms owing to the over-subscription to the school.”

The school community will be able to benefit from these improvements as more children in the local area will be able to attend due to increased space. 

Westlands Primary is a positive community hub, with school events, press involvement and superb PTFA contributing to drive school improvement. The construction and refresh to the school will allow each of these facets to broaden and sharpen as the community requires.

Date for completion is set to be March 2017.