What Ofsted says about us

Supporting and Improving Schools

'Leaders from the school and the Trust have provided excellent support to ensure that the quality of teaching, learning and assessment across the school is outstanding.'
Meopham School, Ofsted report February 2019

'Leaders from the Swale Academies Trust and governors know exactly what the school's strengths are... Leaders are fully committed to the school's further improvement and appropriate actions are under way.’
Westlands School, Ofsted report February 2019

'Senior leaders, with support from the Swale Academies Trust, have successfully transformed this previously underperforming school.’
Istead Rise Primary School, Ofsted report October 2018

'Governors and the Swale Academies Trust provides effective support and challenge for school leaders.’
Regis Manor Primary School, Ofsted report March 2018

'Governors have an accurate view of the school's strengths and weaknesses. They work well with the school's proposed sponsors, Swale Academies Trust, who provide very strong support to the school.'
The Whitstable School, Ofsted report March 2018

'The executive headteacher and the head of school are ambitious for the school. They have worked effectively with the staff and the Trust to ensure that teaching, learning, assessment and behaviour have improved across the school.'
South Borough Primary School, Ofsted report February 2018

'The school have successfully embedded a culture of high ambition. Teachers have very high expectations of their pupils. Pupils have a positive attitude towards their studies and they thrive in this ambitious culture.'
Meopham School, Ofsted report February 2018

'This is a rapidly improving school, because of the effective partnership between leaders from the school, the interim executive board (IEB) and Swale Academies Trust.'
Peacehaven Community School (Trust support school), Ofsted report November 2018

'Expertise from other schools within the Trust has been astutely drafted in by the executive headteacher. It has contributed to the rapidity with which the school has improved.'
Sittingbourne Community College, Ofsted report December 2017

'The Swale Academies Trust provides high-quality support and challenge for leaders and teachers. This has helped the school to improve.’
The North School (Trust support school), Ofsted report October 2017

‘Trust support for school leaders via the primary director of education and the executive headteacher has been clearly focused and effective in securing rapid school improvement.'
Beaver Green Primary School, Ofsted report November 2017

'The Eastbourne Academy is supported by a representative of the Swale Academies Trust as a partner in school improvement. This support has successfully provided a framework for improvement in mathematics. Governors are in discussion to further develop this positive relationship.'
The Eastbourne Academy, Ofsted report February 2017

'Exceptionally strong partnerships between the trust, the executive board, the governing body and senior leaders continue to drive improvement in all aspects of school life.’
Westlands Primary School, Ofsted report May 2015