Get into Teaching

Swale Academies Trust School Direct programme is the most successful it has ever been, having seen 53 trainees graduate through the Trust in the last 3 years.

Elizabeth Frost, Leader of the School Direct Programme in Swale Academies Trust, is proud of how the programme has developed and become so popular. She cites rigorous training, support within schools and the high quality of trainees that are coming through the programme as key factors in the programme’s success.

‘Our School Direct programme is extremely successful, not only do we see trainee teachers qualify, but we see them go on to work within the Trust and become experienced classroom practitioners and inspiring young leaders.’ 

Get into teaching

Speaking to a recently graduated trainee, Hayleigh she explains that she had a long career as a Bio-Medical Scientist but has not felt such a fulfilment since working with students. “Teaching, for me, is all about the students, setting clear expectations, seeing these through and ensuring students are then able to make good choices. I am building positive relationships with the students I teach. I was offered a job as an NQT and I took it, because I am looking forward to progressing as a teacher, looking forward to the long journey of self-progression for both, myself and the students I will teach. It is such hard work, a challenge, but I love it!”

Erin, a Secondary School French Trainee said that “The support has been brilliant, we are given regular weekly meetings where we are able to come together and share our experience of best practice. There is this feeling that you are not on your own.”

Elizabeth Frost, added that:   ‘A career in teaching is not an easy option.  However it is incredibly rewarding and has such an impact on our students.  We are proud of the way our trainees develop under the guidance and support of our dedicated mentors and trainers.  We are encouraged by the high numbers of good quality trainees who have come through our doors over the past few years and this continues to grow.’

If you are inspired to train as a teacher and want to work in the Trust please visit School Direct at Swale Academies Trust.