School Direct Salaried Positions

Applicants for a salaried position should have a minimum of three years full time work experience, which may be in any career, and does not have to be in an educational setting.

Trainees will be employed by one of the schools in the Alliance for the duration of their training, and will therefore receive a salary from the school.   The salary paid is a minimum of point 1 of the unqualified teacher scale.   There are no requirements to be supernumerary.  However, all of our inexperienced salaried trainees are always supernumerary at the beginning of the year, and will have no timetable commitments.

For salaried trainees, the university tuition fees to achieve QTS will be paid by the school.  Those who opt to undertake the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) will pay the extra costs.  Trainees on the salaried route cannot access bursaries, scholarships or student finance.


School Direct Non-funded Positions

Trainees on this route are responsible for university tuition fees for QTS.  For those who opt to undertake the PGCE, this will involve a further cost.

Funding and training bursaries are available.  For further information, visit the gov.uk website: Get Into Teaching - Bursaries and Funding