School Direct Testimonials

Lisa_2.jpg“The most positive part of my School Direct experience have been the training days. It is here where we can meet other trainees in the Trust and share experiences. These days allow us to reflect on our own teaching practice where we are able to think about educational theory and put into practice within the classroom. A skill which has developed across the phase of the course, as my confidence has grown. I have now got myself a job within a thriving Kent secondary school, if it had not been for the intense and relevant training in the Trust I do not think I would have been prepared to make that next step; from trainee to qualified teacher.”

Lisa, History Graduate, Secondary

Hayleigh_2.jpg“I had a long career as a Bio-Medical Scientist, however, I never felt such fulfilment since working with students. Teaching, for me, is all about the students, setting clear expectations, seeing these through and ensuring students are then able to make good choices. I am building positive relationships with the students I teach. I was offered a job as an NQT and I took it, because I am looking forward to progressing as a teacher, looking forward to the long journey of self-progression for both, myself and the students I will teach. It is such hard work, a challenge, but I love it!”

Hayleigh, Science Graduate, Secondary


"There is always an assumption that, if you can’t do, you teach, or that teaching is a fall back option for someone failing in their career. I was unhappy in my previous job, I knew I was good at developing people, learning new things and being able to pass things on. I think teaching should be an elevated career option, I think with the experience that teaching gives you, you can then excel in leadership and other areas of management. Support throughout the training has been extremely positive, everyone has nightmare moments however there are so many experienced professionals who are willing to talk to, guide you through it.”

Chris, Maths Graduate, Secondary

Claire_2.jpg“I chose to study the PGCE School Direct route through the Trust, this has allowed me to gain further knowledge of the theoretical side of education and apply this into my teaching practice. Although, it is a lot of work, the school has been very accommodating and supportive as they can see the long term benefits”.

Claire, Media and ICT Graduate, Secondary




Bradley_2.jpg“I have always wanted to become a teacher, and my experience as a football coach has prepared me for this. I was willing to take a risk and follow the unsalaried route because of the passion I have for teaching, it is a rewarding career as you are able to see progress in students. It was essential that I did not take any job, and have been looking for something that was right for me. I have now been offered a job within a primary school, I will be able to transfer the skills I have gained in training as a secondary school teacher and apply them to the primary sector.”

Bradley, PE Graduate, Unsalaried Secondary


Michael_2.jpg“Training has been great, I have been able to bounce ideas off other trainees.”

Michael, English and Drama Graduate, Secondary






Erin_2.jpg“The support has been brilliant, we are given regular weekly meetings where we are able to come together and share our experience of best practice. There is this feeling that you are not on your own. I have thoroughly enjoyed studying the PGCE aspect of the course, it has given me further opportunities to become a self-reflexive practitioner. There is a huge emotional investment when embarking on a year of teaching training, but I know the pay-off will be worth it.”

Erin, French Graduate, Secondary



Nicolette_2.jpg“The training has given me skills, strategies and further pedagogical references to support my own understanding of how to be a teacher. I have been an instructor for a number of years so my experience was very different to those training around me. The trainers understood my situation, and created a bespoke training plan to match my needs.”

Nicolette, English and Media Graduate, Secondary




Rob_2.jpg“This opportunity has allowed me to become a far more confident individual. At the start of the training I did not feel like a teacher but through the support given and training, I am far more self-assured.” 

Rob, KS1 Primary





Charlie_2.jpg“My mentor was fantastic, she was so experienced and has so many ideas. I feel that I am able to talk to her about anything which has been a huge help. I have now been offered a job in the school I have been training in, this feel like such an achievement even though I have not completed my qualification, to know I am doing well is such a boost to my own confidence as a teacher.”

Charlie, KS2 Primary




“I have worked within schools in various roles for 16 years, the training has been able to help me consolidate all the strands of information especially with the adage of professional overseeing everything I do and helping me to improve.”

Nicki, KS2 Primary

Cara_2.jpg“This training has provided me with learning steps to enhance my career in teaching further.”

Cara, KS2 Primary