Peacehaven: Sharing Good Practice

In the Ofsted visit March 2016, Peacehaven Community School achieved a Requires Improvement.

It was noted that the recent support from Swale Academies Trust has been invaluable in highlighting, brokering and sharing good practice. There is a clear sense of direction as well as a determination to improve teaching and raise standards with no hint of complacency. Ofsted have also stated that the “Leadership of teaching is strong.”

The newly appointed Headteacher has made a positive impact on the school since his arrival in November 2015. He has a clear and well informed understanding of the school’s strengths and weaknesses.

Many staff commented favourable on recent improvements, pupils and parents made similar comments and acknowledged that the school was “going through a challenging time”.

Peacehaven Community School has begun to be supported by the Swale Academies Trust since November 2015. In 2015, GCSE results were poor and too few pupils gained grades of which they were capable at the end of Year 11. As a result the school did not meet the government’s 2015 floor standards.