Parkland Junior School 

Head of School: Ms S. Simpson

Executive Headteacher: Mrs J. Prentice

Parkland Junior School is described by Ofsted as a 'good' school where the quality of teaching is 'good,' 'pupils make good progress year on year,' and 'there is a deep and abiding respect between all members of the school community.'

The school is passionate in developing enquiring minds, critical thinking skills, a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning.

At Parkland Junior School, pupils have high self-esteem and respect and care for themselves, others and the world in which they live. They are able to achieve high standards in all areas of the curriculum, making outstanding progress no matter what their starting point.

Teachers at Parkland Junior School are adept at developing information technology skills needed for the future, preparing children for an ever changing world so that they are adaptable, resilient and flexible.

Pupils are encouraged to be motivated, self-disciplined and confident. They are able to work independently, co-operatively and collaboratively in a variety of situations as well as being able to fulfil themselves socially, physically, academically and emotionally. 


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