Specialist Leader of Education


Specialist Leaders of Education are middle and senior leaders established within a school who can offer support within a given area. They have a first class understanding of school development and have a proven track record of achieving high outcomes in schools.


How do I become a SLE?

If you are a middle leader, key stage leader or senior leader and have been in your role for at least two years then you can apply to become a SLE.  Currently we are looking to recruit staff who have a specialism in one or more of the following areas:

Leadership and Management

Academies and Academy Transition; Assessment; Leadership of Continual Professional  Development;  School Business Management and Financial  Management; Leadership of Curriculum

Pupil Achievement

Art; Closing the Gap; Design and Technology; Early Years; English; Geography; History; Information and Communication Technology; Mathematics; Modern Foreign Languages;  Music; Phonics; Physical Education; Personal, Social and Health Education; Religious Education; Science; Special Educational Needs; Support for the Most Able Pupils

Quality of Teaching

Initial Teacher Training and Newly Qualified Teacher Development

Behaviour and Safety

Behaviour and Discipline; Attendance

There are two application rounds per year, one in May/June and the other October/November.  If you feel you could provide a service in one or more of the above areas please complete an application form.

Application guidance


Our Specialist Leaders of Education


Louise Cox - Mathematics and Assessment

I have taught in non-selective schools in Kent for 25 years. During this time, I have taught mathematics (and statistics) across key stages 3, 4 and 5, achieving consistently outstanding results.  Early in my career, I completed a Masters Degree in Curriculum Development, with a specific focus on raising attainment in mathematics. During my career, I was appointed to the role of Leading Teacher of Mathematics within Kent and also gained accreditation as an Advanced Skills Teacher. These roles enabled me to work with, and support pupils and staff from primary and secondary schools across Kent.  In addition, I have successfully managed two mathematics departments and have also been responsible for whole school outcomes.  

I am currently Deputy Headteacher at Westlands School, overseeing and developing teaching and learning across the school.  As part of this role, I co-ordinate the staff development programme and deliver “The Outstanding Teacher Programme”.  I am also the Trust Director for Mathematics for all schools within Swale Academies Trust.  


Alison Williams - RE and PSHE

I have been teaching in Kent for 8 years, across Key Stages 3, 4 and 5. During this time my practice has been recognised as outstanding. Over the past five years I have had experience as head of department for Religious Studies, Personal Social Health Education and A level Government and Politics. I also spent a year in a pastoral role as a Learning Leader. 

I am currently an Induction Mentor for NQT’s, I work as part of the Teaching and Learning Team, with a focus on staff development. I am involved with the development of CPD and support packages for a range of staff along with providing coaching and mentoring to individuals.  Using my experience as a head of department, I am also able to offer support with schemes of work as well as leading training on behaviour management.  Extending my own personal development, I have completed active research on behaviour for learning which focused on boy’s achievement in the classroom, gaining a Masters Degree this year.


Samir Shar - Mathematics

I came into profession to make a positive impact on children’s learning, increase their desire to learn and enable them to become independent lifelong learners. Throughout my career I have enjoyed working with colleagues to improve on best practices and reflect on my own. I feel I have a variety of skills, which can be shared and further developed by working alongside others. I have been teaching mathematics in the Swale Academies Trust for over 9 years.

During this time, I have taught across all secondary age groups but significant amount of my time has been spent raising pupils’ attainment at KS4 and KS5. My practice has also consistently been recognised as outstanding, which led to my appointment as a Lead Practitioner in the first few years within the trust. I have also featured on the ‘Meridian TV’ to showcase the best practices in outstanding academies. I have experience of leading training, modelling good practices and coaching and mentoring teams and individuals ranging from trainee teachers to subject leaders, which has been pivotal in developing the potential of all colleagues. 

Currently, I am working at the Sittingbourne Community College as an Assistant Headteacher responsilble for Mathematics. My key roles are to work with the subject leader of mathematics, providing the leadership and vision that draws nothing but the best out of students in this very important subject. As well as supporting the whole school data team with strategic decision making and ensuring that the use and communication of data is seamless so that it becomes an integral part of school’s day to day life. Prior to taking up the responsibility for mathematics, I was the Vice Principal of Sixth Form, I was able to raise whole school academic performance at this level through careful tracking and monitoring of students, sharing of expertise and ensuring that the lessons are full of purpose and learning focussed.


Kate Williams - Mathematics

I am an Executive Head of Maths working at The North School for 10 years, having  been the Head of Maths for 5 years. In that time the school has come out of special measures and become one of the most improved schools in Kent. The maths department has shown huge progress in A*-C results and Expected Progress. I continue to lead a strong maths team at The North School and my practice as a subject leader is regular used as leading example across the school and trust. I also spend some of my time each week supporting and advising the Head of Maths at Community College Whitstable, where I initiate strategies to improve teaching & learning, deliver CPD, and develop middle leaders to take on a greater leadership role.

In my capacity as an SLE, I have supported schools in East Sussex through reviews, monitoring and action planning with their maths departments. My specialisms lie in the improvement of progress, especially in ks4 as well as supporting the development of subject leaders.


Vicky Wright - Science

I am currently Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Science at Westlands School.  The Westlands science department comprises  of 18 teachers and 3 lab technicians which I manage on a daily basis.  I have been in this role for the past three years and prior to this I was Head of Science at King Ethelbert School.  I have been teaching science for 14 years and been a Head of Science for 7 years.  I have worked in a range of schools in both Kent and Essex which has given me the opportunity to work with a wide range of students from all walks of life. 

Over the years, I have achieved considerable examination success from all ability levels at both GCSE and A level.  As part of my success as a Head of Science, I have improved the Westlands Science results from 35% to 51% in one year, taking the school from the 96th to the 23rd percentile for science.  I am a passionate teacher who believes in working with staff and students to ensure they reach their full potential, no matter what their ability.  As part of this drive for students to reach their maximum potential in science, I have created a range of digital resources for use outside of school including a dedicated website and YouTube channel with over 290,000 views. 


Sarah Larigo – MFL

I am currently an Assistant Headteacher at Westlands School where my role is varied,  working on Student Achievement, ARR, Teaching and Learning and as the Whole Education lead for the school. As well as this, I oversee Ebacc subjects in Humanities and MFL. I have been at Westlands for two years having been invited here on a secondment.

Prior to this I was an Assistant Head for 9 years in a Head of Community role and a Teaching and Learning role. I have got vast experience working as a Head of subject, having been Head of MFL for 6 years and teaching MFL for 18 years. I have worked in a range of schools during my teaching career in both Kent and the Midlands which has given me the opportunity to work with a wide range of students from all walks of life. 

Over the years, I have achieved considerable examination success from all ability levels at both GCSE and A level / IB in French and Russian. As part of my success at Westlands, I have improved the MFL results from 28% in Spanish and 55% in French to 80% and 86% respectively in one year. I have always been a motivated and enthusiastic teacher of MFL, gaining a Head of Department position very early in my career to now being an Assistant Headteacher with oversight of MFL. I firmly believe that talent exists in all areas of the school and believe that both staff and students need to recognise that their ideas have worth and value, and it is this which contributes to and further raises achievement and a sense of belonging to a community.


Debbie Moore – English

I currently lead on Teaching and Learning within the English Faculty at The North School, I also co-ordinate three successful A-Levels within the department and design the curriculum for English Literature GCSE.  During my time at The North School I have trained and mentored Schools Direct, PGCE and NQT student teachers, and established a mentoring and coaching programme within the faculty.  The English Department has shown significant progress across the ten years I have worked here and our results have over doubled in terms of A*-C grade in both GCSEs and we now achieve a significant proportion of high achieving grades.  I specialise in teaching high ability students; stretch and challenge within the subject has always been a focus of mine. For the past three terms I have been working at the Community College Whitstable where I have been running Year 11 intervention sessions and facilitating aspects of Teaching and Learning such as resources, curriculum and CPD. 

As an SLE I would specialise in English curriculum planning and strategy, the support of stretch and challenge, Key Stage 5 and the coaching of staff.


Glenn Prebble - Behaviour, Personal Development and Attendance

I am currently a deputy headteacher at The North School with responsibility for Teaching, Learning and Engagement. My areas of expertise as an SLE are personal development, behaviour and attendance although my skills are extremely diverse and transferable to other portfolios of school leadership. I have completed my NPQH and I am aspiring to become a Headteacher at some point in my teaching career.  I have worked in 4 senior leadership teams across Swale Academyies Trust schools in various leadership capacities and have supported significant improvements in two of our more recent additions to the Trust. I now support in other Trust schools across both Kent and East Sussex as part of my SLE role and also have experience in leading whole school reviews.  I am passionate about school improvement and have experienced working in an outstanding educational setting. This has inspired me to support schools to achieve sustainable improvement within their own unique context.